We saw a need for first aid training that was focused on Scout units, NICA teams, churches, community groups, and others who enjoy the outdoors, but don’t always have access to affordable, quality training.

Classes are taught as close to cost as possible with any profits rolled back into new teaching gear or applied to cover the cost of training scholarships. Instructors and assistants volunteer their time. The instructors and the classes themselves are certified through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI).

While custom classes are always possible, here are our standard courses offered and current prices:

  • Wilderness First Aid with CPR: 16 hour course, $100
  • NICA-Specific First Aid with CPR: 8 hour course, $60
  • Advanced First Aid with CPR: 4 hour course, $40
  • Babysitter First Aid with child/infant CPR, 3 hour course, $30
  • First Aid at home: 2 hour course, $25
  • Basic CPR: 2 hour course, $25


Mike Russell

Mike is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) with over 20 years of experience teaching first aid and a good bit of experience responding to emergency situations through the military and as a volunteer. He is a long time Scout leader and NICA Coach.

Anthony East

Anthony is an Emergency First Responder (EMR) with over 10 year experience teaching first aid and served as a first responder for several industrial facilities. He is also a long time Scout leader.